According to this map, Rei and Nagisa live at least a train ride away from Haru and Makoto, and the fact that Rei went to Haru’s house in the middle of the night, even after he went all the way home, as fast as he possibly could just because he was so worried about Nagisa —



トーキョーグール:Volume Covers 1-12.


I need to finish watching this show but I don’t want to not be watching this show.


if magikarp can do nothing and then suddenly grow up to be really useful then so can i

Little Haruka and Makoto ♥

Sugawara Koushi | Episode 17
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A study of Nagisa’s midterms grades

English: 31
Math: 41
Japanese: 55
History: 98

Makoto shaking Haru, and Haru be like  ╮( ̄_ ̄)╭ 


i need this.

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So apparently Kino Hinoki (No.6's mangaka) is starting a new series in Aria called Setsuna Graffiti that focuses on boys who want to become pyrotechnicians (specifically, dealing with fireworks), aaaaaand I’m gonna check it out :3 Not least of all because these character designs remind me of novel!Nezumi and Shion XD (though foreground-kun looks more like the Shion of the pair…)

OOOOOOOoooooooo! Yes please!!

This is why I need to go to Japan

it’s gonna be a shoujo guys I’m hoping for some more amazing charas

Do you have proof of that (as in, is there a female protagonist)? Or are you saying ‘shoujo’ in contrast to ‘people hoping for gay characters’? Shoujo with male leads are interesting for me, personally, so I might check it out even if it’s not another No.6. I’ve no real interest in reading a story with a het romance plotline, but shoujo with male leads was what got me interested in manga in the first place.