u aint even in the right country you a real dumbass tho

Hoenn and Johto are in the same country. Both are separate regions in same country. Only Unova is in another country.

are u majoring in pokemon geometry you geek ass bitch 


shut the fuck up aint nobody talkin about rocks here



The gang is back in Ikebukuro.


Nom nom nom~



Really wanted to draw Robbie since I read All-New Ghost Rider so I did this very rough sketch. I’m not sure I’ll finish it, I mostly wanted to draw the idea and try drawing his great face.

If you haven’t read it, you should, it’s full of yeses and amazing art by Tradd Moore

NICE! All-New Ghost Rider Robbie Reyes fan art by gunkiss


happy (belated) birthday ivan!

request: “omg allison you dont have to but!! i’ll be very generic just do something with gau, it can be anything, leave your imagination free”

textures by jaehos


i was reminiscing about a certain one-armed freelance journalist ninja dad and ended up rereading all of nabari

Karneval (カーニヴァル) 

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Inukashi & Shion, Chapter 14 & 32.

Some liar you are."
His gnawing hunger, exhaustion, and throbbing pain ebbed away. In its place, something welled up from deep within. Sadness, loneliness ― it wasn’t quite either. What was it? A hot bead rolled down his cheek. It took him a while to understand that they were tears. He had long forgotten what it was like to cry. It tasted salty, like over-salted soup.

 Nezumi propped his knees up and put his head down on them. Slowly, he swallowed the tears that seeped into his mouth

:(((((( i’m sorry bb

it okay.  I know if u were one of the students I worked with and u sent me a project proposal it wouldn’t be racist <3

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I love it when the project proposals students send me are racist as shit

k missing kings - 7/12/2014